5 Killer Apple Watch Tricks That Are Sure To Change Your Life

Limitless Elegance Bracelet

Limitless Elegance Bracelet

From face changing to capturing selfies and time traveling, yes! This tiny timepiece is capable of a lot of things that we ever thought of. Now, it’s time that we look past its fitness tracking and notification features as there is a deep and feature-rich Apple Watch world for you.

Currently, Apple Watch is on its fourth iteration and has brought you a lot of new features. So, whether you are new to Apple Watch or have been a long time user, these killers Apple Watch tricks are sure to change your life.

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You Can Actually Drain Water from Apple Watch

Although Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 have a water resistance up to 50 meters, there are chances that water can still get into your speaker or the microphone port.

Once the water gets into your port, it can distort the readings or have wrong barometer altitude measurements.

Water lock feature

Water lock feature 

But to prevent this situation, all you need to do is enable the “Water Lock” feature that locks your screen as you start swimming. Later on, you can unlock the screen by spinning the crown.

Or you can do it manually, by accessing the Control Panel and then tapping on water droplet to start the process.

Take Photos with Your Apple Watch

Yes! We know that Apple Watch does not come with a dedicated camera, but you can use it as a remote for your iPhone. To take the picture, open the camera app on your both iPhone and Apple Watch.

Position your iPhone on Android, make the frame, and tap the shutter button on your watch to click the picture.

You can view the photos later on the photos app of your iPhone.

Save Music Locally In Your Watch

Carrying your iPhone, while you are working out or running errands for the day is simply not a convenient approach. But did you know that now you can sync music from your iPhone and store it locally on your watch?

Music Apple watch

Music Apple watch 

Here is how you save it on your watch-

  • Launch the Apple Watch on your iPhone.
  • Select Music
  • Select Add Music and then add it to the playlist you would like to sync with it.

To store it locally-

  • Launch the music app on your Watch.
  • Select the source as Apple Watch, select the headset, and you are good to go.

However, the sync will only begin when you place the watch on its charger as the wireless transfer is quite slow.

Send the Messages In The Form Of Doodles

Why send the basic emojis when you can actually doodle and send a personalized message?

Message Apple phone

Message Apple phone 

To doodle on your Apple Watch, go to the Favorites section. Choose a recipient and tap the middle hand option.

Start to doodle and hit send.

Use Apple Watch to Locate Your Lost iPhone

It is one of the Apple Watch tricks; especially if you keep on misplacing your phone all the time.

To find the lost iPhone, swipe to open the control center. Click on the ping icon and your iPhone will make a loud noise, wherever it is. However, you need to remember that you don’t have to force touch it, you need to long press the ping icon on it.

Locate your phone

Locate your phone 

This trick also works, even when your iPhone is on silent mode.

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