Apple Watch Band Guide: How to Choose Color of iWatch Band for Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 And 4

Apple provides color options for the Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3 and 4. Whether you’re planning to buy Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4, Nike+ or Hermès — all Apple Watch models come in different colors.

Apple has changed the colors of their watches for each version. We have created a guide for you, to understand the color of your iwatch and how Apple Watch Bands will match the best with that color. Keep in mind that the color variations are very subtle on the Rose Gold Apple Watch. As a result, you can purchase a different hue and it will be barely noticeable.

Apple Watch Series 1


Apple produces Apple Watch Series 1 in 2016, loaded with advanced features this digital watch became very popular among people. If you buy one for yourself, and want to give new look to your series 1 Apple Watch, then nothing is better than colorful yet stylish Apple watch bands.

Whether you have space gray, gold, rose gold or silver aluminum Apple Watch, Limitless bands are perfect for all shades of your iWatch.

Limitless Infinite Loop Bracelet

Limitless infinite loop bracelet

If you get bored with rubber or plastic iWatch bands then, Limitless infinite loop bracelet is for you. It is available in rose gold, silver, purple, black and blue shades. It gives your wrist a feel jewelry piece.

Wrapping this beautiful band around the wrist will bring many compliments for your style and matching. This bracelet upgrades your wardrobe possibilities. The best part is you can adjust it easily according to your wrist size.

Choose the color of the Apple Watch Band according to your Apple watch and its case. Either choose the same shade as of Apple Watch or go for contrast both will look amazing on your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple introduced Apple Watch Series 2 in 2017, the new generation of the most popular smartwatch in the world. Apple Watch Series 2 has many impressive yet useful features which became the reason for its massive sale worldwide.

Did you buy Apple Watch series 2 in 2017 but unable to find matched Apple watch band at that time?

If yes, then it’s never too late, give your Series 2 Apple Watch a new look with Limitless Elegance Bracelet. This bracelet will get easily match with the color of your Apple watch, whether it is Space gray, gold, rose gold, black or ceramic white.

Limitless elegance bracelet

Check the color of the case of the Apple Watch and choose the limitless Band accordingly.

Apple Watch Series 3

Gold (Aluminum)



Whether you have silver Apple Watch or aluminum Apple Watch, you can make your watch more attractive with limitless fusion bracelet.

Limitless fusion bracelet

The black rose gold and silver color of this beautiful bracelet will get easily fit with your Apple Watch. The stainless steel chain of this Apple Watch band suits every outfit you wear. In the party, everybody will get amazed to see your iWatch band’s matching with Apple Watch.

Check the color and material of the Apple Watch Band carefully before buy, always try to get Stainless steel Watch bands as they will not get fade away with time.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Launched Apple Watch series 4 in September 2018, and it is the latest version of iWatch available in the market. Not only watch there are many Apple Watch bands too which complements the functions and style of this advanced hi-tech watch. Whether you are planning to buy Apple Watch Series 4 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Apple Watch Hermès or Apple Watch Nike+, limitless bands are for all.

You should buy the Apple Watch band that is durable, and get matched with your almost every outfit. Aluminum and polished stainless steel watch bands often match every color of Apple Watch and outfit.


Apple Watch is incomplete without an attractive yet stylish Apple Watch Band. However, buy the best iWatch band for your only smartwatch. All the above mentioned limitless bands are for every Apple Watch, whether it series 1 or 4. Also, they suit every dial size of Apple Watch.

Note that there were additional colors such as White Ceramic and Grey Ceramic offered for “Watch Edition” customers. However, unless you paid over $1,299 for your watch – it is unlikely that you have one of these colors.

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