Apple Watch Band Myths Debunked! Check Out Here.

Well, the first Apple Watch was released on April 10th, 2015. It has been around 4 years to its inception, and this smartwatch has been surrounded by a lot of myths.

Some users say that Apple Watch is off to a slow start, some user considers that it is only for fitness fanatics, while others consider it as an iPhone accessory. Regardless of what it is surrounded by, a study published on Fortune explains that 85% of the Apple Watch owners say that this wrist accessory has contributed to their health. And, 27% of them said that they have actually lost weight due to it.

30% of the Apple Watch buyers consisted of the ones who were not wearing anything on their wrists. With these statistics, we can say that Apple Watch is definitely for fitness fanatics, but it also serves as a functional device for other users as well.

But, as more and more brands releasing smartwatches, there are some persistent myths about them. Read here as break them and ensure that you don’t fall for them.

Smartwatches Are Just Like Smartphones

There is no denying that smartwatches have the same functions as that of smartphones. But in reality, they also come with the extra features including health, fitness, time tracking, and lot more.

There are many users who have found their day to be less stressful without the constant stream of notification from a smartphone. Moreover, they also come with an option to add an extra style to them by using watch faces and bands.

Apple Smartwatch Has A Difficult Learning Curve

It comes as one of the biggest misconceptions that users have regarding the usage and operation of the Apple Watch.

They come with the thoughts like; will they require time to go through the interface, or are the button hard to use and navigate? Well, no!

Every device comes with a different interface, as you start to use them; you get used to its form factor, and they are at ease with the workflows. So, you are likely to experience the same with Apple Watch, but all you need is to give yourself enough time and practice to get through the interface of the device.

The Apple Watch’s Battery Does Not Lasts For Longer Durations

It’s true that smartwatches battery life only lasts for smaller durations. But, with their responsive touch screens and an array of advanced sensors on the watch, it comes as no surprise, as well.

There are users who want the device to send them notifications throughout the day, and then track their sleep cycle as well.  So, if you want the battery to last longer, make sure that you don’t leverage the features, which takes up half of the power.

Just use the features that you require through the day, and its battery life is plenty for an average person’s daily use.

The Apple Watch Is Just For Fitness Fanatics

There is no denying that Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 comes with excellent fitness features. But it is not just for fitness fanatics.

It lets the user have seamless communication with Animated Emojis, Digital Touch; the WatchKit allows the developers to create third-party apps, and iTunes and Apple TV access gives your proper access to entertainment.

The Maps feature walks you through various destinations, and Siri can always be accessed at your wrist.

However, the best feature of this smartwatch is that it has a sensitive automatic display. As you raise your wrist, the display will turn automatically on, and if you want to ignore the call, just cover it with your hand.

The Apple Watch Is Just For Techies and Geeks

This myth has come a long way, as it the early adopters of this watch were considered as technology lovers and geeks.

But this is not the point! It comes with a number of features and elements that makes your life easy. Not just in terms of health and fitness, but in productivity as well.

It also lets you style and personalizes it by using various Apple Watch Bands.

Here are Limitless Apple Watch Bands that are sure to come to your rescue:

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You can also adorn this luxurious Infinite Apple Watch Bracelet, with any attire, regardless of the style you prefer to carry.

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  • Limitless Elegance Apple Watch Bracelet

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 It is available in two shades including, rose gold and silver D-link Apple watch band also elegantly highlights your feminine style, while you run errands for the day. It is similar to Apple’s Milanese band, and you can adjust this band to fit your wrist, no tool required.

 Irrespective of your taste in smartwatches and bands, Limitless Bands offers the highest quality Apple Watchbands for women from different walks of life.

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The Final Words

As we have debunked all the myths, we hope you have a better idea of how Apple Watch can help you. Also, there is no better way to understand the Apple Watch, unless you use it.

Apart from all the myths, one thing that makes it stands out of the crowd is that it lets you customize the watch, according to your needs.

Whether you want a new watch face or a new band, you can do everything with an Apple Watch.