Apple Watch OS 5: Secrets Revealed

Even, if you don’t have Apple Watch Series 4, your current Apple Watch will still feel new. Thanks to the launch of Apple Watch OS 5 that introduced us to a myriad of features including automatic workout tracking, Siri shortcuts, walkie talkie mode, and lot more.

Well, there is no denying that Apple Watch’s OS 5 is one of the major updates for Apple Watch. The first 4 OS versions were establishing the foundation and had a major focus on improving the user experience.

However, OS 5 left user interface, experience (UI & UX) and enhanced the functionality of the core applications so, if you own an Apple Watch and have OS 5 installed, here all the secrets that you can leverage.  

And, in case, if you have not installed, here is you can start-

Apple Watch OS5

Installation of the Update

The first step, you need to have iOS 12 installed to do so.

Now, as with the prior WatchOS updates, start the update process from the Watch App on your iPhone. The installation process is the same, but the execution is much faster than the OS 4 update. But it will also depend on which model of Apple Watch you are using.

Along with this, you’ll also need an Apple Watch Series 1 to install it. When it comes to iPhone, you will have to use iPhone 5s or later.

Did You Know That Apple Watch OS5’s Update Fixed A Bug?

Apple Watch OS5’s Update, 5.0.1 fixed the issue that came up in the original release. The bug caused an incorrect increase in the exercise minutes for some users. Another issue was that the Watch did not track the standing minutes during the afternoon.

However, the update has fixed it now. It came up in the same week and also fixed the issue that prevents the Apple Watch from charging.

The Update Came With A New Set Of ‘Apple Watch Faces

As you update your Apple Watch OS5, you will not find the previous collection of Apple Watch Faces. However, it did come up with a new breathe watch face in three different styles including Liquid Metal, Vapor, and Fire & Water.

This new watch face is available in three further styles and is designed to provide the ability to breathe by simply raising your wrist. Not just the styles, it can be configured into a diverse range of color styles.

All you need is to tap on the watch face, and it will directly take you to the breathe app.

 Apple Watch OS5


With the breathe watch face, the Photos Watch Face also has support for displaying the pictures from recent memory in the photo app (there is no way to choose the specific memory.)

Apple Watch OS5 Secrets

Addition of Walkie Talkie Feature

Walkie Talkie is one of the best and new Apple Watch features in Watch OS5. We all know that it turns the watch into a two-way communicator, but it works for faster and casual interactions. Regardless of the type of internet connection you have, it connects you to your friends and family at a tap of a button.

However, this feature is only useful, if your contacts are using Apple Watch and have OS 5 installed on it.

Additions of Third Party Apps to Siri

During the release of Apple Watch OS4, Apple introduced a new Siri Watch Face that brought Siri’s proactive assistant features to your wrist. However, this feature was limited to Apple’s own built-in apps.

But with the update of Apple Watch OS5, the third-party apps will now show on the Siri Watch Face. In addition to this, Apple has also added support for Maps on Siri Watch Face that will show you the ETA to next appointment, heart rate measurements and live sports scores.

The best part is that you can also choose data sources to display on the Siri Watch face from the iPhone Watch app.

Automatic Detection of Workouts

This is one of the apps that give you one of the most useful features in this Apple Watch. It comes with the capability to detect when you have started a workout or halted one.

Workout App gives you the retroactive credits even if you do a simple task; as easy as walking.

The Notification Pane Management

The Apple Watch’s OS5 new notification management feature lets you group the notifications together. You can later swipe left or choose the ‘deliver quietly’ option. This option will add the notifications in the watchOS notification center without the haptic or an alert sound.

Moreover, the third party apps also have the interactive control that let you reply or respond to the notification without opening the app.

A Big Surprise For The Music Lovers- Apple Podcasts

Yes! Apple Music came to Apple Watch last year. But the addition of podcasts has been made with Apple Watch OS 5. So, if you are using Apple Music on the watch, you will find that the Podcast App works in the same manner.

The list of your subscribed podcasts will sync in your Apple Watch, and hence, you can stream episode directly over a cellular or Wifi connection to your list.

One thing that we liked the best is that episodes will be removed automatically from the Apple Watch after one play.

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