Are There Apple Watch Bands For Small Wrists?

If you have a small-sized wrist, don’t fret as there are countless Apple Watch watchbands available that adjust to any wrist size without a tool.

Many women struggle to find an attractive Apple Watchband that adjusts to a small wrist size. We have conducted comprehensive research to find watch bands that are designed for small wrists and stand a durability test.

The majority of wristbands for the Apple Watch are no different from old-fashioned watch bands. They either use a belt-like notch system or have a one-size clamp that requires a tool to adjust the size.

Below are several options which fit ladies with small wrists and do not require a tool to adjust.

Slim Silicone Band for Small Wrist

This band is made out of soft silicone similar to Apple’s original watch bands which came with the Apple Watch. A benefit of silicone is that it is very easy to clean when it gets dirty. The manufacturer claims that the material is breathable, but it is not.

As the case with almost all bands, it is compatible with all series of Apple Watch.

This band is available in almost every color and works very well for ladies with small wrists.

Great for small wristsWrist gets sweaty sometimes
Available in lots of colors
Durable material

amBand Leather Band for Small Wrist

The amBand Leather band looks a lot classier than the Sport Silicone Band. This Apple Watch band is made out of genuine leather with sustainable materials (according to the manufacturer).

This band definitely looks (depending on the color your choose) elegant in a business setting or a night out. While having an assortment of colors is great, remember that these bands are colored. While washing your hands with the band is not an issue, strong soaps, sanitizer and alcohol may fade the color with time.

What sets this Apple Watch band apart from similar bands, is almost 10,000 positive reviews.

Genuine LeatherWrist gets sweaty sometimes
Available in lots of colorsColors may fade with chemicals
Durable material

Stainless Steel Milanese Loop

Stainless Steel Milanese Loop is extremely similar to Apple’s Gold Milanese Loop but for a fraction of the cost. The Milanese loop is made of stainless steel with a magnetic fastener. It is infinitely adjustable, making it suitable for small wrist sizes.

If you are concerned about the magnetic fastener being weak and losing your watch, do not sweat it. While the magnet does slip ever so slightly, loosening the grip on your wrist, we’ve worn this band for months, and not once did it slip off our wrist.

An issue with this band is if you have long hair on your wrist, you will feel a prick once in a while when the hairs get stuck in the mesh. This tends to happen infrequently, but it does happen.

Stainless SteelOn rare occasions it might pinch you
Available in lots of colorsNot good for hairy wrists
Fits any wrist

How To Change Your Apple Watch Band for Small Wrist

Replace your band

  1. Place your Apple Watch face down on a soft surface not to scratch the screen.
  2. If your wristband has a clasp that needs to be open for the watch to be removed from your wrist, then make sure that the clasp is in open position.
  3. Hold down the little rectangular button on the top or the bottom of your watch and slide the band across (left or right) to remove it. If the wristband doesn’t slide out, press the band release button again and make sure to hold the button.
The band release button on the back of your Apple Watch.
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If you need further instructions on how to replace your wristband, check out Apple’s Change your Apple Watch band guide.

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