Best Apple Watch Bands

Apple offers a variety of well-made bands for the Apple Watch, but 3rd party brands offer styles not available from Apple and at much lower prices.

Limitless Bands has been selling Apple Watch bands for over a year, and we have tried on hundreds of bands from different manufacturers. Bands are a personal style choice, and there is no one band that everybody is going to love.

We have gathered our picks from a variety of styles that should suit most Apple Watch fans.

If you are unsure how to switch your strap: Here’s a guide on how to change Apple Watch band

Here are our choices after wearing these greats bands every day to see what may go wrong. Below are reviews of ____ excellent leather bands at difference prices, a ____ steel or metal bracelets which don’t break easily, a ___ durable nylon bands and decent copies of genuine bands that will save you a lot of money. There are also options to convert you favorite standard watch bracelet or band to fit Apple Watch.


Casetify Printed Apple Watch Band – Casetify has a slew of beautiful and fun bands made from cruelty-free faux leather. The bands come in a variety of designs and you can design your own if you want.

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The most sought-after Apple Watch band. This has been a Limitless Bands best-seller since the day we opened our store. This band adds a premium look to your watch, it is very comfortable to put on and wear. The only downside that sometimes the band will pull on your arm hairs.

Apple Genuine vs. cheap Amazon knockoffs

Apple genuine bands are amazing. They are well made and have unique styles and designs which are difficult to copycat. At the same time, Apple cheapest band is $50 and the fancy ones are $500. There are a few replicas on Amazon and other websites which can’t match the quality of a genuine Apple band, but for a fraction of the cost, we found them to be excellent compromises.

Selection Processes

There are hundreds of third-party brands that manufacture or re-sell Apple Watch Bands. Many of these brands have been manufacturing Apple accessories for many years, while other companies are fly-by-night made by others with their name on the band.

We advise staying away from no-name brands because the company may not exist to honor their warranty or replacement guarantee even if you purchase the brand on Amazon. However, many of these bands offer quality at low prices compared to known brands.

We focused our selection on bands which fit both the 38 mm / 40 mm and 42 mm / 44 mm sizes. Only a few bands weren’t compatible with the latest Apple Watch Series 4.

One important difference for leather bands is whether they are stitched together or glued. Good sticking makes the band durable and more likely to last with daily usage. Glued bands are more likely to come apart in less than a year.