Best Apps for Your Apple Watch

The Apple watch is the most trending wearable among technology lovers across the world. It has options for bands, faces, casing, applications and a lot more accessories than none of the other smartwatch can offer.

Apple has worked to keep this watch ahead in technology. Their latest Series 4 watch comes with support for some of the unique application that ensures better comfort in your life. These applications are exclusive in this watch, and you won’t find them in any other similar product.

Here are some of those exciting applications that you should try.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an app that allows users to do things in Google’s way. It will enable the users to create notes and to do lists for anything. Moreover, users can edit and share the documents with other people having a Google account.

The app also allows you to record the voice memos and turn them into the editable and searchable text. To make things simple, it shows you the ten most recent notes so that you don’t need to search them through all the notes.


Apple offers many health and fitness apps for its users and cardiogram is one of them. It is a health tracker app that allows the users to record their heartbeat and check how it varies with any activity. You can track the variations in your heart rate while you exercise, eat or deal with stress.

When a user wears apple watch it tracks his/her heart rate after every five minutes and cardiogram picks that data to show them what their body is doing. With cardiogram, users can keep track of their heart rate and adjust the activities to keep it stable.


Cardiogram works best when you wear the watch firmly on your wrist with a band like Limitless infinite loop bracelet. The band keeps your watch in its place, and the health apps work best to track your activities.


Streaks, is an app that allows the users to make small changes in their lifestyle and stick to them for healthy living. It helps you to track your good and bad habits like eating healthy food or junk food, exercising, trying to quit smoking.

You can check the progress of your good habits and see how well you are doing. The app allows you to track 12 different tasks simultaneously. You can integrate the Streaks with the Health app, and it can read your data from there. It reduces tasks like form filling on similar health apps and saves you time.

Streaks also allow you to set reminders for your tasks whether it is eating fruit, walking a dog, taking vitamins or performing a workout at home. 

Carrot weather

The carrot weather app offers you a fantastic interface loaded with all the information about the weather. The app can save the users from the white walker attacks and from being burned in the harsh sun. The app is featured with AI that laughs at your bad luck when you are stuck in the rain.


Carrot Weather allows you to track the weather and plan your trips accordingly so that you stay safe at all times from the harsh weather. You can wear the Apple watch with a metallic band like limitless confidence bracelet in any weather. The band can withstand almost all weather conditions.

Rules Mini Games

Rules, is an app for the Apple watch that offers you a mini-game challenge daily. The challenge is to memorize all the rules and tap various cards. It may seem easy but can brainstorm your mind by its several rounds.

It gives you tasks like arranging the things in ascending order, and a single wrong tap can end your game. With the watchOS5 operating system, the app has become highly responsive and offers more levels. Moreover, it provides you haptic feedback to see your results.

Just Press Record

If you like to record your voice, then the iPhone’s Just Press Record is the perfect app for you. It allows you to make quick recordings whether it is your voice or any other recording. The app is not available in the Apple watch, and you can use it to make quick recordings anytime with a tap on the record button.

All your recordings are saved in a cloud, and you can listen or download them anytime. The app also offers transcription that records your voice and converts it into text that you can download later. However, the app is not free, and you need to buy it for $4.99.


If you like travelling a lot, then Citymapper is the perfect app for you. It is also useful for daily people who travel less as it shows the routes of various major cities or the world. You can get precise instructions on how to get from one place to another. Only the location for which you are looking the routes should be in the list of supported cities by the app.

The app also helps you to get the timings of the buses, trams or trains and the stops on your journey. It can show the ETA and directions of your trip right on your Apple watch face. The best advantage of Citmapper is that it works on the LTE network, so even if you leave your iPhone, you can find the directions for your journey.

iTranslate Converse

The iTranslate Converse is an app that allows you to convert any language into English or any other language. The app is highly useful for users who travel a lot as it helps you to understand the local language of most locations.

If you like English, you need to select English and tap on the circles and let the other person speak. The app will automatically listen to the language and convert it into English and display the same in the form of text on your watch face.

Final Words

The apps in this post are the most useful and powerful apps for the Apple watch users. Try these apps in your Apple watch and wear it on your hand with an attractive band. Try wearing with the limitless fusion bracelet, and you are sure to gain admiration from your friends.

These apps can turn your watch into a mini computer working for you all the time to make your daily life simpler and convenient.