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5 Apple Watch Hidden Features That You Must Know About

Posted on October 12 2018

The Apple Watch has now been around here for a while.

Whether you are looking for a wrist wearable to keep track of your fitness, control your cell phone, or added functionality, Apple Watch has simply got you covered. However, did you know that this watch also works beyond its basic abilities?

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It comes with an array of ‘hidden’ built-in smart features that simplify your life in a hassle-free manner. No! It’s not finding your iPhone from Apple Watch.

Intrigued? Here are top Apple Watch hidden features that you need to have upon your sleeve:

apple watch woman pressing on screen

Clear All the Notifications At Once

When it comes to Apple Watch, the more notifications you allow, the quicker its battery drains.  However, Apple Watch offers you a hidden feature that allows you to clear notifications at once.

It can be achieved by holding the notifications screen on your device or by using the Force Touch feature. As you do this, you will get a notification that says “Clear All.”

Clear notifications


Click on the icon and all your notifications will disappear. With this approach, you will free a considerable amount of space on your device, and neither your new messages will be buried with the old ones.

Use Energy Efficient Colors on Your Watch

Apple Watch has a flexible OLED display panel and comes with certain colors that work with the display better than the others. However, as the various watch faces change the color of the display, you can permanently switch up to green and yellow, as they are the most efficient colors of the watch.

On the flip side, some of the most battery consuming colors are – blue, purple, and white.

apple watch on charger with blue band

Share Location Through Your Watch

This is one of the most incredible and hidden features of Apple Watch.

Whenever you are texting someone, press and hold the screen and it will open a “Send location” button for you. Now, all you need is to click the icon and send it to another person instantly.

Send Default Replies

Did you know that now you can personalize the built-in text message in the Apple watch all by yourself?

Go to the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and then select the messages icon. Click on the “default replies” option, and here you will get a view of all the replies that you have on your iPhone.

Here, you can click on the message and customize it according to your needs.

Switch Between Apps with Crown

A screen as simple as that of an Apple Watch can make the navigation between the apps a cumbersome procedure.

Switch between apps

Switch between apps 

However, the hidden feature is that you have to double press the crown button, and you will be taken from your current screen to the last one. You can double press it again, and you will return to the home screen in one go. Isn’t it great?

The Bottom Line

Apple Watch has incredible features, but the usage of these hidden ones will make it even more powerful.