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Apple Watch Band Cleaning: What You Should Know

Posted on February 04 2019

If you wear an Apple watch on a regular basis, it is obvious that the iWatch will get mucky over time.

The gadget is exposed to sweat, dirt, eatables, lotions, dirty and many more.  All these things deposit on the watch and cause, sticky buttons, odor, and even affects its performance.

While you cannot just stop wearing the gadget to keep it clean, you can clean it regularly to keep it running without any issue.

Here is a guide that will walk you through various steps to clean your watch without damaging it. 

Clean The Digital Crown

Before you proceed with the process, switch off the watch and detach the bands from it.

There are possibilities of dirt layer between the watch housing and digital crown. The best way to remove this deposit is by using a stream of slow running water.

You have to hold your apple watch against the stream and then rotate or press the button until the water pass inside the gap and starts to dislodge the debris.

After cleaning the buttons and digital crown, gently hold the watch in your hands, and wipe it with lint and abrasion-free microfiber to remove excess water.

 In case, you have series1 apple watch, use damped clothing, instead of the water stream. 

Clean The Mic On The Apple Watch

Mic and speakers don’t need frequent cleaning but its better that you check them regularly to avoid blockages.

If you see deposit over the parts, use a toothpick or ear-bud to remove it.  A damped cloth is also a good option but never use soap solution of liquid cleaner.

These components are very delicate and easily get damaged if mishandled. So, if you are not good at these things, better avoid this part, or take professional help for it. 

Clean The Screen

The touch screens of Apple watch deals with a lot of fingerprints, and that makes then dirty over time. The best way to clean them is to use lint-free, anti-abrasion cloth and very mild pressure to wipe it.

If the watch has residue that is not removed by a dry fiber you can use a lightly damped cloth. You have to make sure that the water used is, fresh, chemical free and does not stay on the screen for long.

Cleaning The Various Types Of Bands

After you have cleaned the watch itself, it is essential that you hold it in a clean and dry band. There is a wide variety of Apple Watch straps that you can get for the Apple watch, and each of them have a different method for cleaning, but their basic principle remains the same.

 You can check the material of your loop, from the following list and use the adequate method to clean it. 


The flexible silicone bands are water resistance. There are no chances of corrosion or damage. You can use warm water with hand soap to wash and clean them. It is best if you use a mild or diluted solution, harsh chemical agents can affect the band's durability and life. If you wear this band during gym sessions, use a Clorox wipe or other disinfectant to take care of germs.


Even the most high-quality leather gets affected by water. It absorbs water, and that leads to deformation and discoloration of the bands. You can dry the leather to remove the water, but that would result in cracks and loss of strength. It will be wise if you avoid wetness in this case and use a soft cloth for leather loops.

In case, you have to use a moist cloth or liquid cleaner, make sure that you wipe it immediately. Additionally, you can treat it with leather balm; it will restore the softness that is lost due to water. 


Nylon is a fiber, and you can quickly clean it under running water or in a washing machine. The water won't affect the color and life of the band in most cases, but there are chances that the water stays inside the fiber and then became the cause of, awful smell. It is best that you stick with a wet cloth and a soft bristle brush, until necessary.

Metal Bands:

The best way to clean a stainless steel band is with a moist lint-free fiber. Their protective coating protects them against the damages caused by this moisture.

However, there are certain bands like limitless elegance bracelet and infinity loop that are crafted from high-quality steels, which provided them high resistance against rust.  You can quickly clean them with water and soap solution whenever you want. 

Limitless Milanese Infinite Loops: This loop is a mesh type bracelet. The stainless steel mesh band is easy to clean. You can submerge it in the mild soap solution and then rub it with a toothbrush or finger to remove all the dirt.

Limitless Fusion Bracelet: This limitless band is crafted from zinc alloy metal that makes it extra-durable, light and water resistant. You can clean it with warm, soapy or running water without causing any damage. 

 Hybrid bands:

Hybrid loop has a combination of two or more material. You have to find the more sensitive constituent and then follow the cleaning method that suits it. For example, if the band consists of leather and nylon, you have to treat the whole accessory like a leather loop.

There are many types of products like rubbing alcohol and magic eraser that comes handy for cleaning the band.  You can use some of these for cleaning the watch. They are safer and provide excellent results.

Drying And Finalizing

Drying the gadget is a crucial aspect of cleaning. The wetness inside watch can cause, skin irritation, smell, and in some cases, malfunctioning of the device. It is best that you use a paper towel to clean out all the moisture from the iWatch and let it dry in room temperature for some time before wearing it.

In case, water gets trapped in a spot where the towel cannot reach, use a hair-dryer with zero heat, to remove it.  It is best if you avoid switching on or charging the watch until its completely dry.