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How To Get Nike+ and Hermes Watch Faces On Any Model of Apple Watch?

Posted on October 15 2018

Are you looking to get the Nike+ and/or Hermes watch face for your Apple Watch? If yes, we have detailed instructions on how to do it.

Apple limits these two special watch face designs to customers who purchased the special edition watches for a premium - so you are not able to get them from the Apple Watch gallery. Instead, follow the steps to get the watch faces for FREE.

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We will explain the tweak which allows you to trick the watch to let you use these watch faces.


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So, if you have always wanted to get these faces on your Apple Watch, here is how you can:


Step 1

To start with, launch the Cydia app from your home screen and wait for it to load the packages. Now click on the Sources button in the bottom tab and navigate to the Cydia section that manages the repository details.

Step 2

Once you are in Sources section, tap on edit and the click on “Add.” As you click on Add, you will be re-directed to a user-facing alert dialogue.

Step 3

cydia screenshot apt

Now enter the Cydia/APT URL- Click on the “Add Source” and wait for the repositories to load into Cydia.

Step 4

Search for the “SpecialFaces” package. Install it on your watch by the same process that you follow for the other tweaks in Cydia. Now, let your device reboot.

Step 5

Set up watch with iPhone

Set up watch with iPhone 

You can then launch the Apple Watch app on the iOS device that is connected to the Apple Watch. Once you start the app, browse through the Face Gallery section at the bottom of your app.

Step 6

Check the Apple Watch face gallery, and you will see the Hermes and Nike+ watch faces for the unsupported models. You can now select the one you want and enable it as normal.

Hermes, and Nike+ Watch faces

Hermes, and Nike+ Watch Faces 

This is how you can get Hermes, and Nike+ Watch faces into Apple Watch without jailbreaking. However, there are various caveats that come with this approach.

This TWEAK Has Limited Features

When you use this Cydia tweak, the Hermes and Nike Watch Faces are not fully operational on the watch. The numerals at the edge of the screen are missing from the Nike Watch Face and boxes are displayed, when it comes to Hermes Watch.

Redundancy Issue

The Operating System of Apple Watch is designed with various checks that make sure your software is working in the best of its condition. So, there can be chances that you have to re-apply the watch faces again and again.

Moreover, the unsupported watch faces may disappear from your watch without any warning. However, to fix it, all you need re-launch the Apple Watch. But launch and re-launch time and again becomes cumbersome and is also an overall redundant process.

The Bottom Line

While the tweak is not completely perfect, it gives you an easy solution to have access to Hermes, and Nike+ Watch faces without jailbreaking. Moreover, you will also not have to pay premium rates for higher models.