Can We Use 38mm and 42mm Bands With 40mm And 44mm Apple Watch Series 4?

Do you have an Apple Series 3 watch and now planning to go for Series 4? You must have a remarkable collection of watch bands for your luxurious watch. With the invention of Series 4 watch, you must be wondering whether your previous watch bands fit the new watch or not? There is nothing to worry as the answer to the question is- Yes!

You can use your existing bands with the new series Apple watch.

Apple Watch Series 4- What You Need To Know?

Apple has introduced the Series 4 watch with complete transformation to keep you healthier, more active and connected. Every time the watch’s standard is reset with the invention of a new series. It is thoughtfully optimized and is thinner than before.

From curved corners to the digital crown and largest display with S4 chip, each detail is thoughtfully re-designed and re-engineered to make it more powerful.

Apple Watch Bands

Largest Display and Long Battery Life

The narrow borders of the watch, give a 30 percent larger view than previous series watch. Series 4 Watch comes with a new display technology-LTPO that improves its efficiency to let it run for 18 hours. Moreover, it runs at a stretch with a single charge.

Easy Navigation with Digital Crown

Series 4 watch has a digital crown with haptic feedback to give you obstruction-free display for easy navigation. The crown is 30 percent smaller but includes 21 more components to make it more capable in less space.

Water Resistant

Apple Watch BAnds

Series 4 watches are water resistant to 50 meters. All you need is to turn the digital crown and it lets ejection of water from the speaker of the watch.

Optical Heart Sensor and Emergency SOS

Heart sensor was always a part of Apple watches, but now it also gives low heart rate notification. Now the watch is capable of detecting your heart rate if it is below the specific threshold for more than 10 minutes.

Low heart rates can be signs of bradycardia, which can cause severe complications if your heart is not pumping properly.

The emergency SOS lets you have quick help during such conditions by notifying your emergency contacts with your current location.

Workout Partner

The watch is like a sports trainer that understands your workout styles and provides all metrics for yoga, hiking, swimming, gym training or running on your wrist

Easy Connection

Apple Watch Bands

The connection has become more effortless with the apple watch Series 4, even when you are away from your phone. Whether you want to take the call, want to check in on a walkie-talkie app or need to instruct Siri to play your workout playlist, a watch does all for you.

Series 4 Size Specifications

Apple has launched Series 4 watch in 2 sizes- 44m case watch with the biggest display of 977mm2 and 40mm case with 759mm2 display area. Watch is 10.7 mm thin and is two times faster with inbuilt S4 processor.

If you own a Series 3 watch of the 42mm case or 38 mm case, you can use your older bands for your new Apple Series 4 watch.

You can fix your 42mm band for the new 44mm case and 38mm band for your Series 4 Watch smaller model of 40mm case.

The 38mm band might work with your 44mm model, but it won’t be a nice fit. You can also go for third party watch-bands that are designed for Series 1, 2 Or 3 Watches and already available in the market. 

Bands for Apple Watch Series 4


Whether you are planning to buy an Apple Series 4 watch or you already have and want to style it, here are Apple Watch Series 4 bands that you can consider.

Inteny Watch Band for Apple Watch Series 4


Apple Watch Bands


Give your watch a sporty look with Inteny sports band compatible for 42mm 44mm watch case. The silicone wristband is soft and comes with a screen protector that prevents watch’s surface and its edges from any types of cracks or scratches. To keep the band secure, it comes with a stainless steel buckle. The band with air holes keeps your wrist breathable and comfortable throughout the time.

Limitless Bracelet with Infinite Loop

Apple Watch Bands

Milanese Loop is a stainless steel mesh that comfortably wraps around your wrist and can be easily adjusted to the size of your wrist. This delicate accessory is highly durable and enhances the looks of your fantastic watch.

The band is compatible with sports edition and even with the watch edition of Apple Series 4 Watch and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Hilimny Watch Band Compatible for Apple Series 4 watch

Apple Watch Bands


Customize your watch with nylon loop by Hilimny. Nylon in the strap keeps your wrist soft and breathable. With hook and loop fastener, it gives a perfect fit on your wrist. This lightweight band securely locks on to your iWatch with the help of watch lugs.

Secbolt Bling Band Compatible for Apple 42mm 44mm Watch

Apple Watch Band


The stainless steel metal wristband in champagne gold color, embedded with diamond rhinestones is sure to get you flooded with the compliments. To give you perfect fit and to impart maximum comfort, the band comes with six folding clasps that let you resize the wristband by removing the clasp.

Rose Gold Strap by Limitless

Apple Watch Bands

Elevate your style with the stunning infinity band for your Apple watch. The fade-resistant rose gold band features rhinestone crystal embellishment, folding clasps that provides your watch a beautiful look and keeps your wrist at comfort.

Packed with a 1-year warranty, the band is made up of premium stainless-steel and is very durable.

Customize your 40mm and 44mm Series 4 watch with these 38mm and 42mm bands and boost your watch appearance. These bands are easy to change and install and gives a more sophisticated look when tied on your wrist.