Easy Tweaks That Will Breathe New Life To Your Apple Watch

Who says that Apple Watch comes with basic bands and limited watch faces?

Whether you use it for enhancing your productivity or taking your fitness levels up a notch, there are elements that can enhance the appeal of your watch. Since its inception, it is equipped with the same bands, two sizes and some added features with each one of them.

However, to get the best out of it, you will have to dig deeper into the features, style, and functionality of this watch.

So, whether you already own an Apple Watch or getting it as Christmas present, here is how you can add life to it.

Update Your Apple Watch To OS 5

If you haven’t been using your Apple Watch regularly, the chances are that you might have been missing on the latest updates.

The latest update, OS 5 came out in September 2018 and was equipped with a lot of new features. This update comes with a new walkie-talkie mode, enhanced notification feature, and a Podcast App.

But before you update your Apple Watch to OS 5, make sure that your iPhone is running on iOS 12.

However, once you update, you can have the activity competitions through your Apple Watch, leverage personalized coaching, and new features to get your heart racing. Moreover, with the advanced running features, you will have the innovative features that will keep pace with you.

Try Some Fresh Watch Faces

Well, this is the easiest hack to breathe new life into your Apple Watch.

If you are looking to add incredible functionality to your Apple Watch, turn to Siri Face. It brings up a list of alerts including all the calendar events, traffic information, news, and more just like a news feed.

If you want an interesting watch face on your screen, consider using Toy Story face as it comes with three options, in which all of the features work like the specific character of the movies. At last, you can always use ‘Kaleidoscope face’ that can be personalized and has a bit of animation it as well.

So, if you have the same Apple Watch face since the day you got it, it’s time you start experimenting with them.

Moreover, once you have started swapping the faces, tap on the customization button and check what is already available on your Apple Watch.

 Consider Getting New Bands

Yes! It sounds obvious, but incorporating new bands in your watch enhances its appeal and gives it a new look.

Here are some bands that are an instant fix for your wrist accessory-

Limitless Confidence Bracelet

Limitless Confidence Bracelet

Whether you are looking to transform your Apple Watch into boyfriend watch or want to wear it with dinner or a casual dress, this bracelet will definitely come to your rescue. It is a classic choice, makes a powerful statement about you, and gives you the confidence for every instance.

Available in both 38mm and 42mm band size, it is compatible with all the editions of Apple Watch.

Limitless Fusion Bracelet

Limitless Fusion Bracelet

This Limitless Fusion bracelet is an ideal blend between classic and link bracelet of an Apple Watch Band. Made of premium Zinc, it is lighter than stainless steel and is available in all the band sizes including 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm.

Moreover, it comes in four shades, and you can choose the one according to your needs.

These bands will also work if you are looking to personalize your Apple Watch.

Make The Most Of Its Fitness Features

For most of the users, the main features of Apple Watch are its fitness abilities.

For example The Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 has GPS capability and comes with the swim track features. Not only this, there are Activity Rings that are quite helpful in achieving your fitness goals.

However, to add new features and functionalities, you can go to the App store and try various applications. You can install apps like Gymaholic that will help you go through your gym routine without having to use your phone after every instance.

Further, you can also leverage the usage of Apple Watch fitness assists and use it for your own needs.

You Can Always Download Functional Apps On The Watch

There are a number of Apple Watch Apps that not only change the functionality of your Apple Watch but also makes your productive as well.

According to Tim Cook, Apple builds great products that enhance people’s lives, and it can be taken to a whole new level with the Apple Watch.

  • You can download EverNote for having quick notes on your work schedule.
  • The Tour de Apple Watch gives you an extra edge when you take up races. It gives you easy access to leaderboard and mileage countdown.

You can also download Speed Alert, Apple TV remote, Tennis Pro, and increase the functionality of your Apple Watch.

Explore Other Features Of Apple Watch

Apple Watch is best used when explored properly.

Whether it is bands, apps, games, or watch faces, make a sure play up and keep changing them. There are a number of features like date, weather, calendar, battery life, and more on your Watch Face when changed can add life in your wrist accessory.

However, these are the basics.

You can also use a diverse variety of elements that includes changing the commute estimate with the ETA-arrive on time app, adding foreign language phrases with the help of the iTranslate app, and more.

With all the above tweaks, you can transform your Apple Watch according to your style and taste. The Apple Watch will come to you as a stylish accessory and will also be highly functional at the same time.

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