Fitbit v/s Apple Watch 4: What Is Your Best Bet?

With the launch of Apple Watch Series 4, there is one thing that we know- Apple finally has the wearable that is good for both its smart features and fitness tracking. But before the launch of Apple Watch 4, Fitbit launched Fitbit Versa in April that simply costs half of the Apple Watch 4. However, there are major ‘feature differences’ between both activity trackers.

So, are you planning to buy an activity tracker, and can’t decide between the both? Well, we have compared both the wrist accessories in terms of design, apps, battery life, pricing, fitness features, and lot more. Here is a spec to spec showdown for both and everything that you need to know about these wearables.

Fitbit V/s Apple Watch 4



Fitbit is considered as an all-around fitness tracker with just a bit of smart features in it. It works for both the operating systems- Android and iPhone (although the features are limited on iPhone) and has reliable battery life.


Apple Watch

Whether it is activity tracking or fitness, Apple Watch is considered as the best smartwatch on the market, due to the apps ecosystem that it supports. Along with the apps, it has a stellar design, works best for the on-screen games, lets you take phone calls, and more.

Apple Watch and Fitbit Comparison- Looks and Design

The Fitbit versa is a square smartwatch that looks a bit identical to the Apple Watch Series 3. Apple Watch Series 4 also looks quite similar to Apple Watch Series 3, but the main difference is that the Apple Watch 4 is available in two sizes that are 40mm and 44mm sizes.

Here are the other differences between the both-

Fitbit Versa

  • It is quite comfortable to wear as its band wraps around your wrist seamlessly. But changing its band is a real struggle.
  • This wearable has a complicated functionality because it has three buttons.

Apple Watch

  • Its screen is slim as compared to that of Fitbit Versa. But the LTE version has thicker dimensions, and the sensor may dig in your skin.
  • The Apple Watch Bands are interchangeable and swapping them takes no effort.

However, if the basic bands are not your choice, here is what you can consider- Limitless Infinity Apple Watch Band.

Limitless Inifinity Band

Designed specifically for on the go women, this Apple Watch band is adorned with rhinestone crystals and comes with the foldable and functional clasps. It simply works for women who are looking to embrace style and functionality at the same time.

This band is easy to resize and is perfect for expressing your personality at all times and all occasions.

Fitness Tracking Features

Apple Watch v/s Fitbit

Both of these wearables give you equal insights into your fitness and workout routines. The Fitbit takes up all the data and shows it to you in the phone app. However, the Apple Watch splits all the data across its health apps including Health App, Activity and Watch App.

When it comes to Versa, it leverages the Coach App and acts your personal trainer. It also comes with stand reminders, female health tracking features, and a lot more. While, the Apple Watch sends you visual cues to keep you moving, tracks your steps, heart rate, and syncs all other metrics with the iPhone’s built-in health and activity apps, and more.

They both track similar health metrics, but one advantage that Fitbit has is that it is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Versa also lets you have competitions with the non-watch owners as well.

But with all these benefits, Fitbit does not shows you the elevation gain for the individual activities like hiking or trekking.

Battery Life

There is no denying that Fitbit wins in the case of battery life, but at the same time, Apple Watch also comes with a power reserve feature.

Versa has a four-day battery life, and you’ll have to charge it just once or twice a week. But Apple Watch lasts for only a day. The Fitbit’s also has strong battery life as it is only equipped with the fitness-oriented apps, while Apple has more 10,000+ apps in its App Store.

At last, the battery life of both the wearables is dependent on how heavily you use the apps. You can also get more battery life from Apple Watch by using fewer apps, LTE or the GPS option. Moreover, you can also save on the battery life by just tracking a workout without responding to the text or mirroring the messages.

Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa Features

The Apple Watch has every feature that you could have possibly wanted from a fitness tracking and wearable device. Whether you want to leverage the usage of Siri, make and receive calls, enhance lifestyle, or increase productivity, Apple Watch supports you through everything without your iPhone.

Now, in series 4, it also has an improved set of sensors, an ECG reader that boosts its health-tracking features. Furthermore, it unlocks your Mac, lets you use Apple Pay, and has many other smartwatch features as well.

But, when it comes to Versa’s features, it has no GPS, has no support for music streaming feature (only has local storage for up to 300 songs), and does not shows you the notifications for the third party apps. Moreover, Fitbit Pay is only available if you buy the special edition and the list of banks supported is not much as Apple Pay.

So, all we can say that Fitbit only leads in the battery life, not in terms of usability or functional features.

Summing Up

When it comes to deciding between the two, Apple Watch Series 4 or Fitbit Versa, make sure you know the purpose.

If you are looking for the workout planner or device that will help you stay fit, Fitbit is sure to work for you. But if you want a watch that stays with you throughout the day or a wearable that works as a little autonomy of your iPhone and gives you a chance to swap the bands, Apple Watch should be your bet.

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