How Apple Watch Turns You Into A Smartwatch Master – Pro Tips

In the year 2015, when Apple watch was launched, it was a massive uprising in the technological world, and Apple also made its first appearance into the market of wearables.

The Apple Watch is identified to be one of the personal wearables on the earth.  It not only became the best selling Smartwatches available in the market but it also integrated the features like exceptional methods for communication, appealing design and the apps of third-party hosts. The Apple Watch is the invention known as the wrist-mini-based computer.

The new Apple Watch series 4 is launched with the updated features and a lot of other advancements. Did you know that iWatch is offering features like Apple Pay, sharing music, and setting your picture as wallpaper? No?  Don’t worry; the post is going to compile the tips and tricks so that you can turn out to be a Smartwatch master.

Apple Watch tips and tricks

Switching between faces

If you are trying to switch faces but are not able to, don’t get anxious as it is effortless to switch watch face. Just like the way you switch between screens on your iPhones. All you have to do is simply swiping left and right.

 Every watch face is unique, so the best method for improving the way you are using the watch is set up the various faces for accomplishing the different activities. Instead of swiping from the middle ensure you begin swiping from the screen’s curved edge.

Editing the watch face

Editing the watch face is not a complex task; make sure to press the display firmly known as the Force touch.  Next step is swiping through the host options and then tapping personalization on the face you intend to change.

For selecting the features swipe again and then edit with the crown. If you are not interested in fiddling with the snags on a small display, then you can make use of the watch application on your iPhone. It will help you in achieving the same activity.

There will be a Watch face gallery in the application where you can easily select and make watch faces as per the anticipation. My Faces is a section on the app which displays the faces you have selected. It gets easier for you customizing the faces, altering the faces order and eradicating them completely.

After you complete the editing tasks then instantly you will notice that the changes are synchronized with the Apple Watch.

Control center

Did you know that Apple watch has the control center? To explore the control center, all you need to do is swiping up on the screen as you do on the iPhone. It is helpful as you can gain access to a lot of things like airplane mode and DND mode. It also enables you switching the watch for vibrating.

Apple watches series 4 is useful in activating the feature with which you can quickly ensure getting rid of the water from the watch.


Enhancing The Appeal

Use Limitless infinity Apple Watch Band

This rose gold apple watch is for the women who want to enhance their style. The watch is decorated with the crystals that are of rhinestone to achieve a comfortable feeling and a gorgeous look. It is one of Apple’s elegant pieces that you can ever own. Add class and comfort to your style now with this band. It has a folding clasp closure with easy resizing. You can get the band in different sizes like 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm.

 Fyour iPhone if it’s misplaced

Yes, you heard it right. The Apple watch can help you with finding your iPhone if you are unable to find it.  It is one of the coolest features in the watch. The watch will send out a noise that is pinging so that you can find your phone.

You need swiping up from the bottom and then tapping the button which appears like a ringing phone to use this feature. If you still want additional help to find your device then ensure pressing and holding the flash off button.

Check the data usage

Turn into a Smartwatch master with this feature. If you own Apple watch series 4 then you can make use of the watch for connecting to the cellular networks. With this feature, you can keep an account of the data usage.  First, you require opening the watch then Cellular and My Watch should be tapped to read the current data usage.

Accessing the application dock

Want to access the application dock on Apple watch? Are you unaware of the process? Don’t worry and follow the guide.

You will see a side button underneath crown which is useful in activating the dock housing for your much-loved applications. It similarly works like the dock in MacOS and the taskbar on Windows which enables you to pin the apps that you mostly use.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind, and that is watch allows you only ten applications to pin at any specified time. When you are tapping the side button while using the app, it will display the most recent app you used.

If you wish for adding the app to your dock, then you can do so as it always asks you. In case, if you have ten applications by now, then you will have to swap one app. You can even initiate swiping up to take out an app from the dock, and you can also make use of the Watch app on your iPhone to accomplish the task.

Using Time travel feature

It is another feature that you must know if you own Apple watch. Time travel feature allows checking your calendar and trying out this fantastic feature. After you scroll down the watch crown, you can see all of the events, and you can complete them in advance.

Once you are done, make sure pressing the crown for returning to the current events. To enable this feature, you require opening the watch app on your device and then hitting Clock> time travel.

Setting Up Apply Pay

You can also set up Apple pay. You have to link your Apple Pay account, first, go into settings, and then turn to wallet and Apple pay. Lastly, go to Apple Pay cash and agree to the terms and you are done.

Final thoughts

Make sure to follow the above tips if you want to turn into a Smartwatch master and enjoy the feeling of iPhone with Apple watch. The new features and the modifications in the Apple watch series 4 are something that you cannot miss.


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