How To Enhance Productivity With Apple Watch?

You might think that Apple Watch only works for checking the time and keeping track of your fitness? Well, it is much more than a smartwatch and a wrist accessory.

Yes! The  Apple watches were designed with fitness and health monitoring features. But did you know that it also helps to increase your productivity throughout the workday?

Regardless of the number of hours and the industry you work in, there is an Apple Watch feature and App that streamlines your routine. Whether you want to manage your to-do lists or develop the relationship with the colleagues, here are the tips that will take your work routine to another level.

Use Siri As Your Assistant

There is no denying that the Voice input of the Apple Watch is one of the best interactive features. Whether you need to make an important phone call or want to check statistics, Siri comes will help you with all.

You can also use Siri to set reminders for a lunch reservation, submit the expense report or take a meeting with the subordinates.

However, when it comes to productivity, consider your daily things and schedule them using Siri in Apple Watch. Not only it will complete the tasks on time, but will also save you a lot of time frames.

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Enable E-mail Notification on Apple Watch

According to a blog on HuffingPost, there are workers who spend 6.3 hours a day (which is 78% of an eight-hour workday) checking their email.

Set up email notifications on your Apple Watch and ensure that you know everything about work.

For example- an email will let you know when a new meeting is about to come your way. It lets you monitor the conversation on a glance and lets you be in touch with everyone seamlessly.

Turn Off the Notification Sound with Your Apple Watch

There are times when you are discussing an important agenda, but the sound alert takes up all your attention. To avoid this, go to the Watch App on your iPhone, look for the My Watch tab and then click on Sound and Haptics. Select the cover to mute function.

With this option, shield the device with your hand for 2-3 seconds, and it will silence it.

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Use Calendar App In Apple Watch To Manage Tasks

So, what consists of your workday?

Meetings? Conference Calls? Or Online meetings? Irrespective of how you manage your tasks, you can always use the Calendar apps like Agenday, MobileDay and more that helps you to keep track of all the meeting passcodes and the conference calls dial-in numbers.

So, whenever you have an online meeting, you can click on it, and you will be dialed in that meeting. The audio works fine on the watch, but you can still turn to your iPhone, in case of urgencies.

Find Your Colleagues

Whether you are in a conference or in the breakout area of your workspace, launch a conversation through messages, and it will help you locate each other quickly. All you need is to open the messages app and then tap and hold the heart icon.

From there, you can track the location and find the person.

Have The Controls Of All Your Business Travels

This is where you can install the apps on your Apple Watch.

Here are some of the travel apps that might come to your rescue.

  • Try using the airline apps like Fly Delta or British Information that allow you to see your itinerary and flight gate information on a glance.
  • With this, you can work through Apple’s passbooks that let you add hotel information and view it through the glances.
  • Moreover, you can also turn to the solutions like iTranslate that help in easy translations across the world.

Along with all these solutions, you can also use the apps that will take you through the directions in no time.

Download The Best Productivity App For Apple Watch

These days, every organization uses various productivity Apple Watch apps including Slack, Trello, Sales2Force, HipChat, and more.

Download them on your iPhone and simultaneously on your Apple Watch as well. Regardless of the apps, you use; the notifications will ping on your phone and Apple watch as well.

You may not always be able to reply immediately, but with these apps, you will be on the top of the things that are going at work. Moreover, you will also know if someone has mentioned you through apps like Trello, Slack, and more.

At last, you can always have an automated message on these apps for better response times.

Have The PowerPoint Remote App

Did you know that Microsoft has developed a PowerPoint Remote App for your Apple Watch?

This app allows you to control the presentations on your computer from your watch. It lets you navigate through the individual slides and lets you play them, while you are giving a presentation.

Moreover, it also lets you see that how much time has elapsed since the presentation has started. However, to make the most of this app, you can always make an in-app purchase for the features like timer and marker.

Apart from helping you to increase the productivity, go beyond the basic band of Apple Watches and turn to the Limitless Infinite Loop Bracelet or the Elegance bracelet.

Limitless Apple Watch Bands

The Infinite Loop Bracelet is a stainless steel mesh that wraps around your wrist and can be adjusted to any size. It is compatible with the entire series of Apple Watch and also works for the watch and sports edition as well.         

Apple Watch Bands

However, the Limitless Elegance Bracelet enhances the visual appeal of your watch and also highlights your feminine style. This band is also compatible with the entire series and comes in all the band sizes.

Summing Up

While all the above tips and apps work their best for your work routine, they can also come handy, while you are running errands.  Implement all of the above tips in your Apple Watch App and personalize them according to your work needs.

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