How To Find Most Used Apple Watch Faces For 2019

Apple watch is the gem of the smartwatch world. The watch is not just interactive, but it is also completely customizable.

It is compatible with different types of bands from brands like Limitless, who supply high-quality loops at decent prices and many other third-party suppliers. The watch is available in different choose color and size and most of all it is flexible with many faces to match each of them.  

However, overloading the watch with faces can make it slow, so, you should add them carefully. Here is a list of most used Apple watch faces that you should consider. Each of them serves a different purpose and provides features of its own.

But before you browse the faces, here is how to get different faces for this wearable:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Face Gallery at the bottom and then choose your Faces.
  • Once you are finished configuring the watch face, just tap on Add.

In case, if you do not want to change the faces on App, you can change it on the Watch itself.

Simple Faces

This mode is the best and most flexible option for your apple watch.

The simple face has a completely blank screen with an analogue watch on it. You can design it to look utterly bare by removing seconds-hand or add complication to make it as useful as you want.

It allows the addition of up to five complications.

Simple Face With Complications

Pictures For Every Mood

The old picture presentation mode is never out of fashion, even for the latest gadgets like an apple watch.

You can choose individual pictures, sync a whole album or use a set of up to 10 images to feature on the screen. The face also allows you to add complications and position them according to your needs. There are also options to select custom images from face gallery.

Make sure that you don’t store too many images; it can affect the watch’s processing speed. 

Picture Face

Serious Work Faces

The watch allows multiple types of faces, for different work. 

Siri’s Face: This face is based on Siri. It gives you personalized information about calendar, alarms, news, reminder and more, all around the day. You can use the watch app to turn off features and even set it to remind you about breathing.

Utility: This face is the alternative for the explorer face of apple series 3 watches. It consists of a simple look with a clock to show time, and a small note to remind you about important things.  

Modular: This mode is intermediate between Siri and utility faces. This mode consists of five complications that are easy to deal, with the digital dial.  In short, it crams an ample amount of information at a single screen, without making them look untidy.

Modular Face

Health And Fitness Type Faces

If you are interested in monitoring fitness data, activity face is just the thing for you.

The face has three colored circles that show progress for different activities at the same time. Starting from the outer side, the first ring in hot pink color, gives a readout of calories burned. The second ring in green color is for the duration of your physical activity that you have tracked. The middle-most ring in blue color follows the time that you have spent standing or moving around.

Apple has also considered differently abled customers who use wheelchairs while designing this face. They can program it to show “roll” hours instead of movement on standing hours.

Analog Activity Face

All Rounder InfoGraphic

The info-graphic face is the best display setting for every apple watch. It is clear, reliable and informative, for all day to day activities.

This face is almost overloaded with data, but it is customizable, and you can add or remove anything according to your preference. It also offers options to assign different positions to watch application for quick access. In LTE watches, you can use these faces for monitoring signal strength.

However, designing and customization take some time but, it’s worth it.

Info-Graphic face

Art Design And Fun Faces

Apple watch has a wide variety of motion, pattern and themed faces that smoothly goes with all kind of bands and clothing.

If you are using something classy like the Limitless Infinite loop bracelet, you can use something that matches it. The loop is crafted with a mesh of stainless steel, which offers high breathing and strength along with corrosion resistance. The stainless steel bracelet design comes from ancient Milanese design, so maybe you can get a time lapse of a landscape or a beautiful picture of Milan to match it.

Limitless Infinite Loop Bracelet

You can also go for Astronomy face that shows a real-time model of our solar system or a kaleidoscope face for distinct patterns and relaxing experience. The illustration in kaleidoscope and Earth’s position is controlled by rotating the crown of the watch. 

On the other hand, the motion face has butterflies, jellyfish, and flowers that react to your touch.

Astronomy Face

Kid special

The watch brings back the memories of childhood with its cartoon themes. It features two sets of animated characters. The first one includes a collection of Toy Story characters like Woody, Buzz, and Jessie who wave, every time you lift your wrist.

The second one has Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who use their hands to indicate the time and tap their feet while doing it.

Mickey Mouse Face

Metal And Fire Graphic Face

This face is exclusive for Series 4 apple watches. It’s a perfect alternative for animated butterflies, jellyfishes, and flowers.

The face allows you to select, fire, water, metal, or fire and water combination. The watch will display animated vapor like texture every time you lift the device. This face works best in full-screen mode, but you can add complication to make it more convenient and informative.

The face also has options to change the primary color along with opportunities to change face color every time the watch is activated.

Limitless Fusion Band

This face is a perfect match for a stainless steel band like the Limitless fusion bracelets. The zinc alloy bands are light classy and most of all very resistant to corrosion. They also have link locking clasp that is very secure. Moreover, its metallic chain is trendy and goes with every style. You can trust this band for comfort, durability and long life.  

Fire Themed Face


Even though the apple watch is not compatible with third-party faces, there are a lot of options you can use. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap face gallery option at the bottom of the screen and choose the faces you want to configure for your gadget.  After you have completed the configuration, tap the Add button, and you are good to go.

So, find the face that suits you the best and let your apple watch show your mood.