How To Get the Most Out of the Apple Watch – 8 Pro Tips

There is no denying that Apple Watch is a breakthrough for the tech giant- Apple. Not because it is a smartwatch, but it is small in size and works a little like Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

However, you’ll require significant learning to use this smartwatch. There is a touchscreen in the watch but does not have a pinch to zoom in it. It has a small microphone, but a tutorial is required to activate it.

Moreover, it has no ‘Home’ button, but there is a digital crown on the side that works for scrolling and plays the function of the home button as well. Moreover, the power button is also used for other functions as well.

So, to your rescue, here are the top goes to gestures that will allow you to make most out of your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Gestures

Force Touch Feature Of Apple Watch

Apple’s Force Touch technology is one of the most useful gestures that can be used to operate an Apple Watch. It almost works like the right click of a mouse. As you force touch on your watch, it will open up various menus and options to work through the device.

  • In the music app, the forced touch brings up the shuffle option, wireless headphones connection and lot more.
  • In the maps, you can force touch and search for a location.

In case, if you have lost your way, you can click on the crown button to leave the dock.

Enable Swipe Down 

The swipe down gesture works for notifications on the screen.

Once you swipe down, you will get a list of all the notifications that include information regarding missed messages, calls and more. You can also click to open them or swipe left to hide or delete them.

Swipe Up 

Swipe Up on your iWatch screen and get glances from many apps at once. It works like a little dashboard for your watch and at one glance; every detail will appear on the watch face.

As you see the notifications, you can swipe left or right to see them all or tap to open the app for more details.

 Side Flat Button In Apple Watch

When you watch is on, you can press and hold the flat side button and access the power screen. However, you can slide the power off and turn the watch off.

However, it works for a lot more features than just power on and off-

  • Click the button and reach out to a friend- To reach directly to a contact, simply click the button. You can also spin the wheel or call and send messages from there.
  • Double Click For Apple Pay- Double-click the button, and you will be redirected to the Apple’s easy on board Now, double click again, and credit card will show up on the screen. Once done, bring it close to Apple Pay ready card terminal, and it will work for you. However, make sure that the watch is on your wrist.
  • Enable The Power Reserve Option- As you press and hold the button, you will see three options popping up-turn off, lock the watch, and power reserve. You can click on the power reserve mode as it will shut down everything and give you a basic clock display.


Click Button On Crown

There is no home button on Apple Watch, but the crown on the side works like one. As you push it in, you can see a big grid of apps in the form of small circles. And, as you click the digital crown again, you can again go back to the watch face.

Cover and Silence Your Watch

Are you looking for silent mode on your Apple Watch?
There are chances when you simply want to put your watch in silent mode. Whether you are getting a call or ping by a message, you can just put your hand over the watch and hold it like that for some seconds.

The watch will be at silent for a few seconds, and as you lift your wrist back, you will be back at the watch face again.

Press and Hold The Crown For Siri

In case, if you feel overwhelmed by the Apple Watch features, you can press and hold the crown and Siri will start listening. Once you have access to voice command, you can open other apps, check other apps and operate the watch with minimal effort.

Apple Watch gestures

Are You Wondering About How to Force Quit Apple Watch Apps

If you are working on Mac, you can always force quit by using the option on the top left bottom. If you are using an iPhone, you can kill the apps or force press the home button.

However, if you want to force quit an app on Apple Watch; press the side button until you see the power screen. As you see the power screen, press and hold on the Digital Crown until you return to Watch Face.

Moreover, if you want to Force Restart your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button and digital crown until the screen goes dark and Apple logo appears.

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