How To Know Everything About Apple Watch Series 5 Before Its Release? Read here!

Well, the sequel to Apple Watch series seems to be one of the most exciting versions of one of the most popular smartwatches.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple Watch market captured 51% share of 18 million smartwatch shipments worldwide in 2018 Q4. But with this rise, there are still a few areas where Apple Watch lacks a bit. Yes, just a bit!

Although we love every series of Apple Watch, still we always look for an upgrade that introduces us to a new smartwatch world. If we believe in ‘history repeats itself,’ we can expect a new and improved version of Apple’s watch, during its annual event in September 2019.

Read here for details:

New Apple Watch Series Releasing in 2019

At this moment, we are ‘expecting’ it to be called Apple Watch Series 5. 

However, we expect this new Apple Watch to be announced in September 2019. After all, there have been three consecutive releases in September 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

New Apple Watch Series Specifications

This is sure the Apple Watch new series is going to come up with incredible innovations. Apple Watch Series 4 has already changed the notion of features in the line of wearables, but here are the specifications we can look forward to:

  • Ceramic Casing Will Come Back

Apple Watch fans outside Apple’s journalism bubble have always been saying that Series 4 look same as previous three versions. This year, we also expect the design to be a bit same; perhaps it might bring the ceramic case back again, as seen on iClarified.  

It also plans to add ECG support for additional countries.

  • Processor

The new Apple Watch Series 5 model is expected to have a powerful processor for the device’s clockwork. However, additional data will be available by the fall of 2019.

When it comes to software, it will come with Watch OS6 preinstalled. Firstly, it will be demonstrated at WWDC 2019, but the final release will be seen with the release of the new watch series.

  • Wider Selection of Apps

This is one of the features that every Apple Watch fan would like to see in their wearables. Either Apple will get renowned apps to watchOS, or we’d like to see its developers create more apps that can compete with Wear OS and Tizen.

  • Something for Spotify, maybe!

2018 did give us the debut of Spotify app, but you can currently use it just to control music on other devices. It means you cannot download music or albums directly to your watch.

So, we might see improvement in this feature.

  • ECG on Smartwatch

You might not be able to use it now, but we are sure to see this as the feature that is sure to make everyone’s jaws drop. This feature will serve as helpful for everyone who works continuously about heart health.

New Apple Watch Series Rumors

  • Series 5 Rumored to Feature Sleep Tracking

According to Forbes, Apple’s tracking facilities have gone up a mark, but one main area, where watch series has lagged is– Sleep Tracking.

Rumor says the Apple has bought Beddit, a Finnish company that specializes in making of sleep tracking devices in May 2017. But we will have to wait to check how Apple incorporates the sleep tracking features in the watch.

The Bloomberg report says that company plans to add it by 2020, so maybe we’ll see it as a software update at some point, post new series release.

Reasons to Wait for New Apple Watch Series

We know that it is a long wait for the new Apple Watch Series, 7 months from now. But here we are giving you the reasons why you should wait for it:

  • New features are sure to unroll.
  • You can wait to see what watchOS6 brings in the watch.
  • New health tracking feature can also come.

However, you should not wait if you are looking for great Apple Watch alternative as Series 1, 2, 3, 4 as they are also great wearables.

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The Bottom Line

Since 2016, Apple has introduced a smartwatch every year, and this year, we are on our edge of seats, and waiting for Series 5. It might be a bit early to see what Apple Watch Series 5 will look like, but it is sure we will see a lot of upgrades in the new model.

Not just the ‘noticeable’ ones, but features that will change the way you live.

But if own a previous version, we have also listed Limitless Bands for them as well.