How To Know Which Apple Watch Is The Best

There is no denying that Apple Watch is the best smartwatch on the market. With extraordinary versions and excellent functionality, these watches have always left us awestruck.

Whether you work in a corporate scenario or are a complete fitness freak, an Apple Watch (regardless of the series) lets you work through your phone calls, get notifications, track calories, heart rate and a lot more.

But with a number customization options, band, color, and case, choosing the one becomes as an endeavor on its own. However, if you have landed on the perfect Apple Watch, here are the top things that you must consider-

What are The Different Types of Apple Watches?

Initially, there were four versions of Apple Watches, but now Apple has discontinued Apple Watch series 1 and 2 and is running by Apple Watch Series 3 and 4.

If you buy Apple Watch series 1 or 2 now, it won’t be able to run with the latest watch OS software and thus you will miss out latest features. Thus it is always better to go with current models of Apple Watch which are series 3 and 4.

For Apple Watch 4, both stainless steel and aluminum options are available to you. However, there are numerous Apple Watch straps, and color finishes come in for both Series 3 and 4.

Moreover, there are two screen sizes for each model, and you also have an option, whether you want to pay for cellular connectivity or not.

So, before you buy, make sure you consider both the options and take the decision.

Go For Quality and Waterproof Apple Watch Case

“What is the best case for Apple Watch series 3 and 4?” It is something that often comes in mind when you plan to buy Apple Watch. Always try to get waterproof Apple Watch case for your only smartwatch.

The case of Apple Watch comes in two sizes 38mm and 42mm. The case is a square box with rounded edges and is made up of different materials.

The standard watch case is crafted from Stainless Steel, and sports case is made up premium aluminum. Along with this, there is an Apple Watch edition special case, which comes with 18 karat Gold and Rose Gold.

However, whenever you buy the watch case, make sure you go for the 42 mm high-quality Apple Watch case as it works for both your watch and its accessories.

Select High-quality best Apple Watch Band

Choosing the Band is one of the important elements that you need to consider while buying an Apple Watch.

Fusion Bracelet

Limitless Fusion Bracelet

Whether you are looking for a classic and minimalist style or a high end one, Apple Watch strap comes in a diverse range and will work for all your needs. There are bands that come with a classic buckle; while on the other hand, there are some, which are exquisitely crafted from leather and stainless.

But if you are looking to make an unrivaled statement, go for a Limitless Infinity Band or simply turn to the Limitless fusion bracelet.

Limitless Infinity Bracelet

Limitless Infinity Bracelet

You can even browse the best collection of Apple Watch Bands here.

Consider the Special Editions of Apple Watch

Why you should buy Apple’s Nike+ and Hermes watch edition? What is the Apple Watch edition?

The Apple Watch Hermes and Nike+ have the same features, but different aesthetics. Nike+ is made for the one who loves sports, while Hermes has a leather strap and will work for ones who strive for a simple appeal. Make sure you remember that these watches only come in a cellular version.

Are Apple Watches Waterproof?

No Apple Watch is not waterproof and there are many Apple Watch enthusiasts who are not aware of this feature.

According to Apple, “Apple Watch is splash and water resistant, but it is not waterproof.” This watch will withstand moisture, rain, and swat, but will not work, if it is submerged in water.

How Long Does Apple Watch Battery Last?

Regardless of the Apple Watch series, every watch will give you 18 hours of complete use. However, depending on the usage of the watch, your battery life can decrease as well.

So, make sure you consider the battery life and the ways in which you are going to use your watch.

The Apple Watch Screen Is Not Always “On”

Watches are used to display the time at any given moment.  However, the Apple Watch will only turn on, when it senses that you have to lift your wrist up. Or you will have to tap on it to check the time.

Can you change Apple Watch Notification Sound?

The Apple Watch alerts you for the notification with a subtle Taptic sound, and it remains the same throughout the time you use the watch. You can add the vibration with the Taptic sound, but there is no way through which you can customize the sounds for alerts.

Summing Up

Along with the above features, Apple Watch has different weights based on its materials. Before you buy the Apple Watch, make sure you consider all the facts mentioned above. However, you can consider various other factors like the size of the screen, docks, stands, chargers, and more.

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