How to Personalize your Apple Watch

Who says that an Apple Watch can’t be customized?

Since its arrival in 2015, Apple Watch has become an integral part of the iPhone ecosystem. Whether it’s Series 1, 2, 3, 4, they come up with a number of features and their hardware and software equations give you an added functionality and convenience.

With Apple Watch Series 3, the users got to use LTE Cellular Technology in a watch, and with the introduction of Series 4, we got new watch faces, digital crown, a plethora of health features and a lot more.

Apple Watch Personalization

But have you ever wondered how you could customize your Apple Watch? Not just the Apple Watch faces. Apps, notifications, unlocking, glances, and password!

If no! Here is a guide that will walk you through the proper personalization of an Apple Watch. Some of the customizations you do are available on watch, while others are done on the Apple Watch App that comes on your iPhone.

If you have already started tapping the screen on your watch, read here for details.

How to Personalize your Apple Watch



Apple Watch Apps Customization

To customize the Apps in your watch, go to the main My Watch screen.

Scroll down below Apple’s built-in apps and choose the apps that you want to display on your watch. You can keep the apps that you want and remove the ones, which have limited functionality.

Customize apps

Customize apps 

Along with this, you can go to the General section and choose, whether you want to have to your iPhone apps on your watch or not. Moreover, you can also use the ‘App Layout’ feature in the Watch App on your iPhone and control the arrangement of your screen.

For an ideal arrangement, you can place the most used apps in the center and save the time that you spend looking around for them.

Note: All the Apps on your Apple Watch are third-party iPhone apps that include a bit of watch functionality and you might not want to clutter your screen with them.

Notifications Customization

There is no denying that notifications keep on flooding the screen of your Apple Watch. Whether it’s a social media notification or an app one, tapping your watch every few seconds takes a toll on your precious time.

But to reduce the notification, go to the notification section of your watch. Go through the list of third-party apps and choose what will generate notifications and what not. Moreover, decreasing the rate of notifications will also increase the overall battery life of your Apple Watch.

Personalize The Look and Feel Of Your Watch

You might have personalized the look of your Apple Watch by using Watch faces, but here is how you can transform its feel.

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How to Personalize your Apple Watch


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How to Personalize your Apple Watch


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Music and Photos Customization On Apple Watch

Music features customization

Music features customization 

Well, you can only store 2GB’s of music and 15MB of photos on your watch. Once you store them, you can access this media even if you are away from your iPhone. However, if you need to choose the preference of media, go to the Music and Photos settings items in your Apple Watch App.

Yes! You Can Choose Your Friends On The Watch

Find your friends

Find your friends 

There are a “FRIENDS” setting in the Apple Watch App on your iPhone that lets you choose your favorite pals. Once you choose them, you can simply call, text, and send screen taps to all of them in one time.

Passcode Customization

Apple watch passcode

Apple watch passcode 

Until you customize your Apple Watch App, you might have only used the numeric keypad to enter the passcode. However, if you go to the passcode setting on the watch or on the iPhone, you can set the feature by which you can unlock the watch by using a fingerprint reader.


You can simply change the orientation of your watch by going to the settings and then choosing the “General Option.”

Apple watch orientation

Apple watch orientation 

As you tap on the General, you can go the orientation tab and choose what suits you the best. For example- if you wear the watch on your right wrist, you can change the orientation of your Apple Watch so that it can display all the components correctly.

Glances Personalization

Glances are another important feature of your Apple Watch, and yes you can customize it as well.

Apple watch glances personalization

Apple watch glances personalization 

Go to My Watch, Tap on Glances and choose the features and apps which you want on your screen for a quick view.

Lastly, Customization Of Apple Watch Face

There are two ways of customizing the Apple Watch face.

  1. You can just “Force Touch” on your Apple Watch swipe all the way to the left to check the faces.
  2. Press the Plus button and then scroll by the different Apple Watch Face options with the digital crown to choose the one for you.                         

Summing Up

If you are looking for the software personalization, you can follow the above steps and get through it. However, if you want to personalize via hardware, you can always turn to Apple Watch Band collection by Limitless Bands.

With a wide variety of bands available on Limitless Bands, you can choose the one that matches your style and stand out of the crowd.

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