How To Setup and Personalize Your Apple Watch?

There is no denying that Apple Watch is one of the best wrist accessories that work best for time tracking, fitness features, compatibility, and a lot more. It is suitable for all the wrist sizes and also allows the user to customize it according to the needs.

Moreover, when you actually dive down the device, it comes with a lot of small yet functional features at your disposal. Although we know that setting up Apple Watch is basic, to personalize, here are the tips that you need to consider-

Apple Watch Setup

Getting Started

Getting Started

Well, getting started with Apple Watch is quite simple.

All you need is iPhone 5s and higher (fully updated to the latest version of OS), Bluetooth, full WiFi network, and an Apple Watch app on it. Moreover, your Apple Watch should be near so that it can be paired with your iPhone.

If both the devices are paired, you can continue to start setting up. Otherwise, you can manually pair it. Follow all the prompts, choose the language, and pair your watch with iPhone.

Once you are done, you can sign in with your Apple and create your passcode. The passcode is not important, but it will come to your help if you are an Apple Pay user.

Install The Functional Apps On Your Watch

Apple Watch Apps aren’t the standalone applications. They are the extension of the apps that are available on your iPhone. During the setup, you will be given an option to install all the apps extensions, and the new ones will be added automatically.

But in case, if you want to install the apps manually, you can always do it by using the Apple Watch app later.

Apple Watch Setup

Backing Up The Apple Watch

It is important to back up the Apple Watch with iCloud, and more so that you can access all your data as per your need and convenience. Whether it’s your apps data or settings, it is important to have a backup of your data.

However, for backup, you won’t get the option during the setup. But you can always backup data when you re-pair the Apple watch to your iPhone.


Go Beyond The Basic Apple Watch Band

Apart from the functionality, it is important that you also work on the appeal of your watch. Limitless Bands has an assorted collection of Apple Watch bands that are one-of-a-kind, will compliment your style and is made for wherever you go- be it work, a casual stroll or a party.

Apple Watch Bands

Here are the bands that you can take a look at-

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Apple Watch Bands

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Apple Watch Bands

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Set Up Your Activity App

To set up the Activity App, enter your details and will automatically calculate your total distance walked, walked steps, and overall calories burnt.

Make sure you set it up in the initial stages as you won’t be able to get the count until you enter the data.

Essential Tips and Tricks At Your Disposal

There is a range of settings that are defined for Apple Watch on iPhone. But there are some of the features that can also be adjusted on this wrist accessory itself.

  • Sounds and Haptics Settings: These settings will adjust the volume for alerts, the haptic strength, prominent haptic, and cover to mute feature.
  • Check Time At Flick Of The Wrist: Did you know the Apple Watch shows you time at the flick of the wrist? All you need is to go to the Settings> Opt for General> Click Activate on Wrist Raise> On
  • Privacy Settings: You can use the privacy of the settings and then stop your Apple Watch from calculating the calories burned or checking the body movement.
  • Setting Up A Default City: To set up a default city, just go to My Watch > Choose Weather> Default City.

As said that the Apple Watch and your iPhone are paired, you can also find your watch through App. Wipe up the screen of your Apple Watch to activate the Glances. Now, go to settings, tap on the ping iPhone button, and it will start to ring, wherever it is. Hence, making it easier for you to find!

The Final Words

Once you have chosen the app settings, Apple Watch settings and your Apple Watch Band for Christmas, you can also explore other settings and make the most of your Apple Watch. Also, as you will set up the watch on your own, it will be under your control and will also work seamlessly for all your needs.

However, if you are looking for a basic setup, you can always turn to – Basic Apple Watch Setup

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