We have owned every Apple Watch since the first one launched in 2015. While Apple creates amazing smart watches and original bands; they were very expensive and out of our budget. The market for aftermarket brands has improved since 2015 with many options and styles available. We have purchased dozens of bands, from a variety of stores and realized that the market for smartwatch band primarily serves men. For majority of Apple Watch band manufacturers idea of a woman’s band is the same as the male version but in pink or rose gold.


After years of struggling to find the perfect band, we have decided to create our own bands, specifically designed for a woman. We are currently in the process of designing and manufacturing unique styles by talented designers. In the meantime, we are offering bands which are available from other suppliers, but we are adding the customer service aspect. If you buy these bands from us, we will stand behind the product with our return policy, one year warranty and US based customer service.


In the future, we hope to grow Limitless Bands beyond Apple Watch bands. It is our dream to manufacture jewelry which will compliment, aid and function along with every popular smartwatch on the market. Our vision is to take designs from artists and creative types, post them on our website for you (our customers) to vote and crowd fund the ideas to bring them to life. We hope to create the most unique smartwatch jewelry on the market.