Top Apple Watch Features That Everyone Should Know

Apple watch is an ice breaker in the world of compact technologies. These watches come most features of mobile computers, but that’s not all. It also packs some of the unique features that you will not find even in the mobile computer of most companies.

Moreover, with the arrival of Apple watch series 4, the company has taken this technology to a whole new level. The latest watch supports fitness tracking, multiple working faces, third-party bands, and a lot more. Some of the features are so ahead in time that most user never suspected it before this watch hit the market. Even with years of exposure and usage, you might not have a complete idea of what your device can do. Don’t worry; now you will have it.

This article will guide you with these advanced features. Every Apple Watch user should try them; they are very interactive and exciting.

Talk To Siri By Raising Your Wrist

Apple watches allow you to communicate with the Apple Assistant Siri. The company has made cool improvements to the Siri that enables you to use it more conveniently. The new series comes with a Raise to Speak feature which allows you to speak to Siri by raising your wrist.

However, you need to turn in the Raise to Speak feature in the settings to use the same. Open the Settings > General > Siri and choose the feature Raise to Speak. By activating this feature, you don’t need to use the old method of saying, Hey Siri. Raise your hand, bring the watch near your face and speak to Siri.

The limitless infinite loop bracelet allows you to raise your wrist comfortable and hold it in front of your mouth to speak to Siri. The design of the bracelet makes a firm grip on your wrist and also makes your Apple watch look amazing.

Heart Beat Alerts

Apple offers a lot of health monitoring features in its series 4 watches to watch your health and fitness readings accurately at any time.  Health and fitness tracking comprise features like fall detection and ECG readings.

While Apple is offering the measuring of heart rate since the launch of its series 1 watches, the series 4 alerts you with the notifications for the same. You can check the heart rate as a critical feature of its health-tracking capabilities. It enables you to set up notifications for the rise or fall in the heart rate.

When you start the heart rate app in your Apple watch, it gives an option to set up the notifications for the same.  Users can set up the notifications for the high rate as well as low rate. You can also set it for the irregular heart rates.

Fall Detection Feature

The fall detection is another new feature introduced in series 4 watches. The smartwatch is capable to detect the falls by using a series of steps. Whenever it senses a hard fall, it taps the wrist of the user, sounds an alarm and displays an alert on screen.

The alert shows you two options one saying that I am OK and another to call the emergency services. In case the situation is, and you don’t select any option, it senses the lack of movement and automatically calls the emergency services.

To use the feature, you need to turn on the fall detection on your iPhone. You need to open the apple watch app on your iPhone and then tap on My watch > Emergency SOS. Then tap on the slider next to fall detection, and you will be ready to use this powerful feature.

Change The Watch Face

The Apple OS5 allows the users to change the face of their watch at any time. It offers plenty of bright images and attractive animations that you can use according to your mood or look of your watch. You will find classic, traditional and animated images that can change offer an entirely new look to your watch.

To change the face of your watch, you need to go to your present watch face and swipe the screen until you see the one you want. Select the face, and it will set on your screen. Moreover, there are many designs of bands available for your Apple watch.

You can choose a band that suits the overall design of your watch. The limitless fusion bracelet comes with a unique design and available in four colors. You can select a color that matches the color of your Apple watch and choose a face that suits the band and watch.

Breathe And Relax With Your Apple Watch

The apple watch comes with an app called Breathe App that helps you to perform some breathing exercises and calm your mind. The feature is a great way to relax your mind in the moments of stress.

Users can select the Breathe app on the home screen of your watch or select the Breathe option while choosing a new face.  Moreover, there is a breath watch face that shows you a soothing animation to calm your mind. You can use it anytime to relax for a few minutes and refresh you for the day.

The breath app offers you to choose between three different modes – Classic, Calm, and Focus. You can select a mode according to your mood or choice. All the three modes can help you beat the stress and relax any time of the day.

The Walkie Talkie Feature

Apple offers the walkie-talkie feature in its watches with OS 5 operating system. You can talk with any other person having an apple watch of series 1 or later that runs on a recent operating system. Both the persons should have a Face Time setup that works between them and their iPhones.

To use the feature, you need to open the walkie-talkie app and tap with your finger on the plus sign. Any friend with an apple watch in its range will get an invitation. Once he or she accepts the invitation, you can tap on the friend in the app to start the conversation.

The walkie-talkie feature works best when you hold your watch close to your face. A good quality band like the limitless confidence bracelet allows you to do this and talk with your friend using the walkie-talkie app.

Final Words

These are the top Apple watch features that everyone should know to take their full advantage. The health and fitness features allow you to keep track of your fitness levels. You can communicate with your Apple assistance with the Raise to Speak feature and talk to a friend with the walkie-talkie app.

There are plenty of other features that Apple offers you to make your watch function like a mini computer and help you communicate with others. The limitless bands help you to wear the watch with comfort and offer elegant options to match your style.