Top Features on Apple Watch Series 3 That You Need To Explore

Before we tell you about Apple Watch 3 features, how do you interpret this highly functional wearable?

An Apple Watch that comes with two versions- 4G and non-4G. Or an Apple wearable that is an evolution of Apple Watch 2 and is equipped with GPS and exceptional cellular connectivity. However, this version also came up with an incredible water-resistant casing, fitness features, cycle tracking on board, and a heart rate monitor on the underside.

It was considered as a fitness-focused wearable, but this watch is also equipped up with some features that you need to explore. Intrigued? Read here-

Apple Watch 3 comes with a Barometric Altimeter

Barometric Altimeter Apple watch series 3


Did you know this?

The 3rd version of the Apple Watch is equipped with a new sensor that can count the number of stairs that you have climbed. Not just the stairs, it also works and measures elevation gains that are suitable for all the snowboarding, skiing, and other activities on height.

Comes With A Nike App

Apple & Nike app watch

Apple watch & Nike app 

Known as one of the best fitness-focused watches, a Nike app also debuted with the Apple watch.

The App surrounds a Nike+ run club feature that offers you in-run audio coaching.

You Can Have 40 Million Songs On Your Wrist

It might seem a little overwhelming, but you actually have this number of songs on your wrist. When you buy this watch, you get two extra things with the Apple streamlining capabilities that include-

  • Apple Music
  • Beats Radio

You can access both these features through Siri and can tap the screen to get there. So, whether you prefer to listen to music by genre or a specific playlist, you can listen to anything you want through the above features.

Of course, you cannot browse the playlists, but you can get Siri to play your favorite tracks.

Apple Watch Came With A Cellular Connection

Cellular connection

Cellular connection 

You must have thought that you need a cellular connection for your phone, but now you need it for your Apple Watch 3 as well. Series 3 comes with cellular antennae that can be used for making calls using your iPhone’s number.

According to Apple’s COO,-“This has been their vision form the beginning.”

The Bottom Line

There is no denying that Apple has got its rank as one the best watch manufacturers throughout the world. Moreover, Apple Watch 3 with all the above features is successfully running OS4 and gives you the best and smart capabilities at its specified price.

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