What’s So Special About The Latest Apple Series 4 Watch?

Apple has always managed to astonish customers with their advanced devices. They gave this world some of the unique technologies like Siri. Even its latest Product the Apple Watch 4 was a full time hit.

But, like every gadget, this watch also raise some common questions like, what is so special about this new watch? How it’s different from the previous watches product and most of all, is it worth investing?

If you too have too, have these questions in mind, then this article is just for you.

Activity Tracker And Health Benefits

Since its debut in the market, Apple watches are always ahead in fitness technology, and the same is true for this product too.

The Series 4 Apple Watch has the latest technology which is very user-friendly and useful. It comes with a precise heart rate sensor which monitors throughout the days and also alerts you in case of a sudden rise or fall in heartbeats. It detects irregularity even when you don’t notice the symptoms, and that is really something that can save lives.

Further, Apple has also planted this watch with a fall detection system and Emergency SOS. It delivers an alert to emergency services if you don’t respond within 60 seconds of a fall.

The new Algorithms and sensors also enable this watch to detect multiple types of daily movements. It can calculate the time you spend standing, exercising and simply moving. This detail is shown through a three-ring watch face that is exclusive in this watch.

Third Party Customizations Support

Something never changes like the compatibility of this watch with third party parts and bands. You can get a lot of chargers, power banks and most of all bands. Companies like Limitless have some unique bands like the Fusion band that you will surely like. These bands have an elegant design which consists of Zinc alloy material. They are lightweight, durable and incredibly stylish. They are ideal for every apple watch user, and you can install them using the advanced locking clasp of this watch.

Although, the same flexibility is not present for its apps, like all the other Apple products, this watch also restrict applications from unknown sources. But then why would anyone ever need them. The Apple store already has all you will need.


The connectivity part of this watch is similar to its previous models. Although it has some improved application and features like Walkie-Talkie. The watch also has support for cellular connectivity. You can use it with LTE and UMTS along with the common 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi of 2.4GHz. This Wi-Fi operates on a powerful W3 chipset from Apple, which ensures very high speed for streaming and surfing.
Apple has also installed the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip in this device. This chip is very helpful to maintain fluent phone connections without much battery lose. As for the Navigation, this device has GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS.

Display And Controls

The one thing that you will notice in this new model is its screen size. It is quite large than the previous Apple watches. The size of the new screens is 394×324 for the 38mm models and 448×368 for the 44mm models. Moreover, this screen is an LTPS OLED type retina display. It has over 16M colors and a pixel density of 326ppi.

Further, it is a 3D screen with LTPO AMOLED capacitive touch that you can use to control it.  Don’t worry, it still has the crown like all the other Apple watches, but this times its better. It now has haptic feedback that is much precise.  The Digital crown of this particular model 21% more component than the previous parts, and know they didn’t make it to large. In fact, this crown is 30 % smaller.

Additionally, Apple never forgets its signature software in any product. They have built this watch with an improved version of Siri, which is also a great option for operating it.

That remind have you ever tried Limitless Elegance band. If not, then you should get it.  It is a perfect companion for parties as well as regular wear. Limitless Elegance bands are crafted from hypoallergenic stainless steel and are incredibly comfortable and durable. Something that is not common, in third-party products.

This chip is better than the previous S3 chip as it supports 64-bit operating system. Apple also claims that this chipset is 50% faster than the previous one. Also, this watch comes with the watch OS 5 that is upgradable. In short, all you need after buying this watch is a decent quality band, and you are in the next stage of the wearable gadget World.

The Apple watch has so many features, so it’s not rocket science, that it will need a powerful processor to handle it. This particular series uses a Dual-core S4 chip for it. This chip is a complete System in Package which includes all the systems required for functioning in a single component.

Battery Performance

No one knows the exact battery backup of this apple watch. It’s somewhat new, and apparently, most users don’t use it in standard condition. However, the company does have an answer to this question. They say that this watch can last up to 18 hours in a single charge.
If you turn it off during the night and are not using GPS and fitness tracker all the times, this backup can jump up to 24 hours. It may not be that good, but with a gadget so small and slim, it’s fairly impressive.
Moreover, it just takes 2-hours to charge this watch from 0% to 100% with the magnetic charger, so, backup isn’t something you should worry about.

The Bottom Line

Apple watch is the fastest and the largest watch from Apple till now. It has some of the most exciting features that you will not find in any other product. Though it doesn’t mean that this watch lack any of the previous features.
In short, even with some battery issues, this product is the best all-rounder watch you will get. And, yes it’s definitely worth your investments.