Working 9-5? Here Are the Apple Watch Tips That You Need

When Apple Watch came out in 2015, it was not just a smartwatch. It was a wrist accessory that was designed with a number of apps, health monitoring, fitness tracking, and other smartphone features.

Not just the features, it also the same level of user-friendliness as it had with other Mac and iOS devices. Moreover, it had various control methods including a button, a crown, a dial, a touch screen that is sensitive to two degrees of pressure, and more than 10,000 apps that make it highly functional.

It is simply a device that simply works for all your needs.

So, whether you are a fitness oriented person or a workaholic, here are the Apple Watch Tips that you need.

Open Messages – Share Your Location

Gone for a meeting, but can’t find your client? Share your location with the few taps.

Open messages from your home screen of Apple watch. Start message conversation with them, tap and hold the heart icon and send your location to the person whom you want to meet.

But it will only send your contact and only your current address at that time. In case, if you change your location; you will have to send resend your whereabouts again.

Make A Call And Send A Message With Siri

To make a call from your watch, make sure Siri is enabled on your watch. Once you know it is enabled, long press the digital crown for activating Siri, ask Siri to call any of your contacts. You can even send a message to your contacts by using Siri.

Busy To Receive A Call – Mute It With Your Palm

Imagine you are in a serious conversation and suddenly your phone rings; you can ignore it at that particular moment without disconnecting it.

But to save that moment, cover your watch with your palm for three seconds and you are done with it. Enable this feature using Watch app in your iPhone.

Stay Fit With Fitness Reader

There are times when you find yourself stressed at work. With the Apple Watch Breathe App, you can focus on your breathing for selected minutes and get relief from stress.

Your Apple Watch reads your heart rate every 10 minutes and notifies you if your heart rate is elevated and sends the report to your phone.  Go to my watch -> heart rate -> elevated heart rate

With its Running Auto Pause feature, it also helps you with your workout stats. Moreover, the watch will detect when you have stopped moving.

Enhance The ‘Look’ Of Your Watch

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Moreover, it serves the upgrade possibilities and lets you be chic about it.

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Limitless Confidence Bracelet

Whether you are out for a meeting or casual colleagues meet up, this Confidence Apple Watch Band is sure to make a statement about you. Crafted from Stainless Steel, it comes in both the band sizes- 38mm and 42mm.

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Take A Quick Power Nap And Feel Fresh Via Siri

Feeling exhausted and wants to a quick nap in your busy schedule? Go for it, Siri will wake you up without much stress. Ask Siri you wake you in X minutes and it will wake you by gently tapping your wrist till the time you arise.

Send Your Messages By Dictating

In your busy schedules sometimes you don’t get time to text reply your message. But your watch offers you to reply message with your voice.

All you need is to make an audio clip of the message and send it to the receiver.

Clear Notifications

Once your pair your watch with your phone, most of the phone notifications are transferred to your watch. Generally, you swipe a notification left and then dismiss the notification; but what if you have a bunch of notifications?

All need to do is force touch your watch on the notification screens; it will clear all at once. You can even set the number of notifications that you want on your watch or can manage which app sends you a notification on your Apple watch.

Send Your Call Directly To Answering Machine

Imagine you are running between meetings, and a call comes in. You can directly send the call to answering machine with a single tap on the side button

Set SOS – Make an Emergency call

Your Apple watch is enabled to help you in emergency conditions. Firstly you need to set close contacts for emergencies. To make a call during an emergency, press and hold Side button till the emergency SOS slide appears.

You can slide it to make the call and for an emergency call, continuously hold the side button.

Your close contact list will receive a text message with the details of your location once the call is made and they will be informed if your location changes.

On your paired iPhone add people to emergency call list in Health app.

Wake Up Your Watch To The Last Used App

By default, Apple Watch is set to show time when you flick your wrist. You can change the setting if you want it to wake up with the last used app.

Go to Settings- general- activate on wrist raise and there select it to open to last used app.

Find Your Phone

Can’t find your phone? Don’t panic. Apple watch will help you to track it. It will ping your iPhone so that you can easily locate it.

Place your watch in face mode, swipe upwards from the bottom and activate Glances, on reaching Settings Glance tap ‘PingiPhone’ and concentrate from where your iPhone is emitting noise. 

The Final Words

Irrespective of how you get work done, your Apple Watch has the potential to get things done faster. You can leverage all the above features and make the most of your work routine.

However, if you are looking to enhance the appeal of your smartwatch, you can use these Limitless Apple Watch Bands.

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